Far-Right Nationalists Attack Democratic Socialist Gathering in Kentucky

Louisville, KY – On the night of Thursday, September 27, approximately fifteen Louisville Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) members gathered at the Silver Dollar restaurant for a social event, which was openly advertised on social media and also attended by non-members. At some point during the meeting, around eight apparent members of a ‘Three Percenter’ militia group arrived at the Silver Dollar and began behaving aggressively towards both Louisville DSA members and restaurant staff.

The group stood outside the Silver Dollar and yelled at individuals, “take your socialist, commie bullshit and get the fuck out of here,” “don’t come in my goddamn area anymore.” According to Louisville DSA, the social event was taking place on the outside patio “so they were able to come up next to our table.” The staff clearly asked the Three Percenters to leave, and the confrontation quickly escalated into an apparent assault against DSA event attendees and restaurant staff.

At least one of the men took out pepper spray and maced several DSA members along with the general manager of the Silver Dollar restaurant. According to Louisville DSA, two of its members and the general manager of the restaurant were “significantly affected while several more were pepper sprayed.” … Read more

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