Samantha Power gets PUMMELED on twitter after she voices her support for Al Qaeda proxy White Helmets


Now that the US State Department’s support for the White Helmets is “under active review,” according to a CBS News report…which as close as you will get to the United States government admitting that the entire Douma chemical attack was a complete hoax…the die hard Deep State shills are crawling out from under their holes to express their “outrage” that the Al Qaeda proxy PR jihadists (branded the White Helmets) may finally be disbanded and defunded.

Which would essentially mean no more bullshit false flags in Syria.

Former UN Ambassador under former POTUS Obama, Samantha Power (a woman who lusts after the overthrow of Assad), tweeted out her loyal support for the jihadist group, sprinkled with some hollywood Oscar propaganda, believing she could fool millions of twitter users who recognize the White Helmets for what they truly are…head chopping, Al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists.

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