We Must Fight to Protect Dissident Voices on the Internet

By Glen Ford / Black Agenda Report

Sixteen months ago, The Washington Post issued the equivalent of “wanted” posters targeting more than a dozen of the most effective left-wing sites on the internet—including Black Agenda Report, the only Black-managed operation singled out for suppression. Since then, the radical sites slimed as “Russian propaganda outlets and sympathizers” by Prop-or-Not, the Post’s shadowy “source,” report having lost on average nearly half their Google search-generated audiences. BAR editors have also noted a drastic drop in the number of our own articles that come up in routine Google searches, compared to pre-November 2016. BAR’s internet profile has been methodically shrunken. 

Oligarchic Censorship

There really is a vast conspiracy to strangle radical dissent in the United States, under the broad heading of suppressing “Fake News”—meaning reporting, analysis and advocacy that challenges the corporate narrative. The most active early conspirators emerged from Hillary Clinton’s campaign tent, packed with Wall Street and Silicon Valley operatives, lobbyists for all the profiteers of imperialist war, most of the corporate media, and the spies, assassins and information manipulators of the national security state. All were now Democrats—virtually the entire ruling class, brought together in terror of the unpredictable Donald Trump, a man known for his hatreds, but who failed to exhibit sufficient malice toward Russians or rhetorical loyalty to the free movement of global capital.

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