A Principle to Organize Around: Plunder the Pentagon and Leave “Entitlements” Alone

… One has to hand it to Donald Trump.  Not just any repellent real estate mogul and reality television personality could become an even worse President than George W. Bush.

Bush set never-ending wars in motion effectively breaking the greater Middle East.   He is responsible for more murder and mayhem than any president since Richard Nixon.  This would include Trump — so far.  He was also no slouch when it came to undermining basic rights and liberties.

He helped precipitate the most disastrous economic crisis in eight decades; and, on global warming, along with nuclear war the greatest threat of all to humankind, the best he could do was kick the can down the road.

Nevertheless, Trump is worse.

Moving the Doomsday Clock closer to Midnight is one reason why.

With a “resistance” like the one we now have, Trump could declare himself President-for-Life, and stand a good chance of getting away with it.

Must we therefore despair?  Maybe not.

Ideally, “we, the people” should rise up and kick the bastard out.   But the chances of that are worse than nil.  And so, the inevitable “what is to be done?” question comes down to asking how, if at all, the tribulations brought on by Trump’s presidency can be put to good use.

One way would be to expand the “conversation” on the left.  A good way to do that would to treat military spending, and the military itself, as the problem it is.

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