Why aren’t I fifty points ahead?

Why aren’t I fifty points ahead? – by HenryAWallace on Tue, 05/23/2017

In 1994, Mitt Romney, then looking for his main chance to build Presidential cred, challenged Senator Ted Kennedy for his U.S. Senate seat. During an interview, Senator Kennedy held forth about the superiority of Democrats to Republicans–the standard “we Democratic politicians versus Republican politicians nonsense. When he stopped talking, the interviewer asked, “If that is so, why aren’t you doing better?” Visibly gobsmacked, Ted Kennedy said nothing (a first?).

Years later, he explained his silence during another interview: He said that he was thinking, “That’s a very good question. Why aren’t I further ahead?” Kennedy said he realized that he had not been running on traditional Democratic principles. By traditional Democratic principles, I assume he meant focusing on most Americans, rather than on “the other side” or lobbyists. (Whether “traditional Democratic principles” is “a thing” or an illusion, please see https://caucus99percent.com/content/real-democrats-versus-new-democrats-…

Kennedy changed his strategy, defeating Romney 58% to 41% in the year of the Contract With America wins by Republicans. Later, Senator Kennedy was to help Governor Romney get the very Democratic Massachusetts legislature to pass Romneycare. In 2006, Kennedy won his last election by almost 70%.

In any event, Kennedy received a question, considered it thoughtfully, adjusted course and won.

On the other hand, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while running for President in 2016, asked herself a similar question, then mindlesssly doubled down on same old, same old (see video below). Suffice it to say, she got the votes only of those who would vote Democratic, no matter what–exactly those to whom her pitch appealed. … MORE

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