Almost One Million Bernie Sanders Ballots Illegally Shredded

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A San Diego County Registrar insider claims that hundreds of thousands of California Democratic primary provisional ballots have been illegally destroyed in a covert shredding operation.

shredder image
The truck bearing the slogan: Because the Outcome has to be Certain!!

by Baxter Dmitry

A consignment of boxes was delivered to the San Diego Registrar’s Office at 5600 Overland Ave in the morning and an “oversized shredding van” arrived minutes later and took the boxes away. The boxes were carried from the building to the vehicle by men she had never seen before wearing dark blue overalls.

“I asked my boss and a few other people what the boxes were about because as far as I knew we weren’t expecting a delivery and I got told that it was above top secret and I didn’t have clearance. Everyone was acting edgy then the truck drove off. Sad.”

“Everybody is talking about it.” … MORE

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